About Us

The Guild of Barber Surgeons.

Come to this barber shop to avoid the ugliness of having to deal with “modern” barbershops. Our object is not to compete or harm the business of fellow shops in the industry. Our object is only to remove layers that have watered down the tradition.

Not much more can be said of the tradition of barbering except that it is something deeply rooted in our culture as a treasured relationship between a professional and a patient in which services outreach just monetary value. Here is a place where the troubles of daily life seem to melt away. There is no room for this in the care of a Barber Surgeon.

The patient comes into this care to relieve themselves of these troubles so they may leave feeling healthier and looking better.

But the relationship is mutual.

Without the patient, there is no need for a surgeon.

Patients are a virtue.

Barbershop Services

  • Haircuts
  • Hot Shaves
  • Pomades
  • Shave Products